Dependable Protection With Rocol Wire Rope Dressingl

Your reliable, long-term, cost-effective solution for heavy machinery maintenance.

Rocol Wire Rope Dressing: No more Fling-Off And Sling-Offs

Designed with the perfect balance of fluidity. The highly adhesive Rocol dressing is resistant against fling-offs, and it can lubricate every wire strand down to all the hard to reach places in the deepest core of the rope.

Protect your critical assets from wear and tear with this wire dressing,  and maximise your equipment’s lifespan by leaps and bounds. Effective even in the harshest conditions. The Rocol wire rope dressing can withstand extreme temperatures so that you can operate in any terrain, environment, or weather conditions.

For a VGP Compliant wire rope lubricant, please see BIOGEN WIRESHIELD

Excellent internal and external lubrication

Protects against wear on guides and sheaves

Outstanding internal and external corrosion protection

Suitable for all non-friction drive wire ropes

Resistant to seawater

Approved to NATO and Naval Standards

Temperature range -30 to +100ºC

Rocol Biogen Tuflube: Self-repairing Eco-Grease

Made to withstand corrosions at the highest levels, it’s water-resistant properties speak for itself because it can even be applied to your gears while submerged in seawater. The Rocol Biogen Tuflube has longlasting adhesion and metal protection for your slow-moving heavy machinery.

It’s a tough grease to beat. With self-healing properties, it’s stubborn against wash-off from seawater while providing your equipment with the smooth lubrication it needs from long days of operation.

On top of this, the Rocol Biogen Tuflube is made of biodegradable materials, perfect for marine applications.

EXTREME Pressure: Unique additive package protects against metal wear.

EXTREME Corrosion Protection: Physical and chemical protection against pitting and corrosion.

EXTREME Adhesion: Blend of Hi-Tac boosters ensures staying power, can even be applied when submerged.

EXTREME Temperatures: Ideal for use in the hottest and coldest global climates.

EXTREME Versatility: Apply by hand or automatic pumping equipment.

HOCNF Classification ‘E’: Permitted for use in the North Sea.

Applications include:

Jacking Systems, Open Gears, Rollers, Slew Rings, Cantilevers, Pins, Booms, Winches, Joints, Couplings, Penstocks, Sluice Gates, Winding Gears and most other high-load, slow-speed mechanisms.

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