Choke and Kill Hose

Application: The choke & kill line works as the connection part when drill platform, semi-submersible drilling vessel or drilling vessel moves relatively and for adjustment of the installation variance of the drilling rig. It transfer, oil, gas mud and other high pressure media. It is mainly used for connection of inner and outer high pressure choke and kill hose and as flexible connection between mud & gas separator and choke manifold.

Standard: API Spec 16C & SY/T5323-2004.

Features: high pressure resistance, thermal insulation, flame-retardant, fire resistance, oilresistance, hih abrasion resistance inner wall and long operating life.

Fitting: Swaged fitting, integral vulcanized, integral flange and union are available according to clients requirements.

Choke and kill hose patent number: ZL 94 2 10560. 5,1 Swaged patent number; Zl2008 2 0003112,2

Classification: Stainless steel armored and stainless steel wire braided.

Rotary Drilling / Vibrator Hose

The rotary/ drilling / cementing hose is used in drilling, cementing, work over services, bonehole operation and as flexible connection between standpipe and swivel, or between pump and standpipe and for the adjustment of installation variance between the drilling pumped out of rotary drilling equipment at high pressure, with the minanilines point at 66’C. Moreover, it resist to corrosion of hydrogen sulfide and can deliver water, oil, mud and other high pressure media in borehole operation in the oil field.


Inner layer: Nano synthesis, NBR

Reinforcement layer: multiple layer of single high strength steel wire spiraled

Middle layer: Nano synthesis, SBR

Cover: Nano synthesis, CR ( Chloroprene rubber )

Operating Temperature: -40 ‘C ~ + 100 ‘C , or upon customer’s request.

Fitting: TBG, LP, ( Integral ) union & flange. Triple insurance swaged coupling.Special end fittings are available upon customer’s request.

Hose assembly patent number: ZL200720150340.8; Swaged coupling patent number: Zl2008 2 0003112.2

Standard: API Spec 7K; SY5469; ISO6807

Cargo and Marine Bulk Hoses

We supply all cargo and marine bulk hoses complete with all types of end connections in various types of materials. The end connections are Swaged on with Quality Assurance with for every single cargo hose with in house Hydrostatic Test Certificate under any third party inspection.