Milnor Commercial Laundry Equipment – Industrial Washers and Dryers

When it comes to commercial laundry equipment, few can top Pellerin Milnor Corporation (Milnor), the leading laundry equipment manufacturer since 1947. Originating from Louisiana, United States of America, Milnor’s dryers and washers are engineered for maximum efficiency and reliability to process high volumes of laundry with impeccable quality while minimising water wastage and labour, making it the go-to washer and dryer brand for industrial purposes.

Milnor Commercial Washers

With cutting edge technology, Milnor washers are built to increase profitability. Its features include the hydraulic tilt technology (automatic tilting of the washer to unload and load), which increases productivity of laundry facilities by minimising the time used on manual loading and unloading. This saves time, as well as energy and water costs at the same time.

If you prefer a hands free experience, you can opt for the CBW Batch Tunnel Washer, which only requires a single operator – further saving labour costs. The tear-free washer-extractors can also extend linen life, which reduces the need for linen replacement. Additionally, the CBW Batch Tunnel Washer also comes with Milnor’s PulseFlow technology that reduces wash time substantially and reduces water and energy consumption.

Milnor Dryers

After washing comes drying, and of course, Milnor’s laundry equipment has got you covered on that end as well. Built for industrial purposes, Milnor dryers are heavy-duty and capable of high productivity for days.

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